How the day that changed everything changed me forever

I woke up Saturday morning, grabbed my iPad and started scrolling Twitter to discover that a lot of people were, of course, posting their recollections of where they were and what they were doing on the morning of September 11, 2001. My memories of that day are compartmentalized, shoved into an unopened tin gathering dust, but the flood of images and stories I saw over the weekend forced me to take a trip back there. …

The Metaverse explained, in four minutes.

In this side-splittingly hilarious — and actually quite spot-on — take on Silicon Valley’s latest tech trend, Jim Cramer and the intrepid crew of Squawk on the Street demystify the Metaverse for the masses.

Check out the video.

Now here’s the transcript*. Enjoy.

David Faber (00:00)
Blow out numbers! These numbers that we’ve seen from the largest companies in our country in terms of the top line growth are so dramatic.

Jim Cramer (00:07).
You know, it shouldn’t be, down. You know, it shouldn’t be down. That’s David, when it’s Winter just saying things that…

It’s not a fad — it’s here to stay. Here’s why.

Expert panelists survey the state of AR advertising at Brand Innovators

AR advertising: it’s a thing. I’ve been writing about it in these pages for over a year, and working on related products at Unity for much longer. “From upper funnel to purchase, brands are increasingly turning to Augmented Reality to market their products and services online,” was the tale I spun a year ago. Back then, it was largely aspirational: early returns on engagement, customer sentiment and revenues around mobile AR brand experiences were promising, but we hadn’t yet seen signs of a tipping point. For all we knew…

This is not a pipe; this is not a painting of a pipe. This a not photograph of a painting of a pipe. This isn’t the digitally scanned image of a painting of a pipe embedded in the header of a written article about ownership in the digital age — nor is it even said article. This is a single embodiment of that article, published on Medium, an “American online publishing platform,” for which the URL thereof I intend to create a non-fungible token (NFT) to be sold to the highest bidder at auction.

Art history can be neatly divided…

While digital advertising has enabled a whole new scale of consumer messaging, creative storytelling has unfortunately taken a backseat. But there’s an exciting counter-revolution underway, powered by technologies like real-time 3D, AR and VR. Here are a few predictions for where that might take us in the coming years.

[Adapted from my recent Cannes Lions Live “future gazer” presentation.]

Digital is all about the data. But where’s the story?

If you think about it, the last decade of advertising has been all about data. Advertisers got serious about digital, optimizing for the ability to finely target and deliver seemingly personalized messages to mass audiences. This obsession with scale and performance…

Watch the Inaugural Episode of our Virtual Event Series Now

Dear NFR readers,

NFR Live, our virtual event series focused on the Near Future of Retail, is now underway. The inaugural episode is an encore presentation of our talk, Immersive Retail in the New Era, originally given during PSFK World Retail Innovation Week 2020. In this version, we got to stretch out in a longer format, and answer many more audience questions. Give it a watch below!

Upcoming episodes will focus on other aspects of retail in the new era, with a special lens on the accelerated changes and emerging opportunities related to COVID-19. We’ll also feature guest speakers at the forefront of retail innovation. We hope to see you virtually soon.

— Neil and Tony

Here’s a quick list of my upcoming virtual events for May… so much retail! All heavy hitter talks; all different takes on a broad topic.

All times PDT

May 14th, 11AM-12PM. Digital Hollywood. XR and Immersive Retail, Advertising and Branding Strategies. Our gang from last year’s DH is back to dive deep into marketing products with XR.

May 15th, 11AM-12PM. Encore presentation of our Shape the Future panel, How AR Will Transform Retail in the Next Decade. …

From upper funnel to purchase, brands are increasingly turning to Augmented Reality to market their products and services online

YouTube’s AR Beauty Try-On delivers product try-on capability in an ad

Since the release of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore in the summer of 2017, mobile AR has made a slow and steady push into the mainstream. The introduction of the technology into the core of mobile operating systems opened up a wave of energetic experimentation across industries over the past two years, and it’s starting to find purchase in a few key sectors.

Unsurprisingly, gaming has become one of the leading categories to latch onto AR. 2019 saw a resurgence of…

Real-time 3D could alleviate the real pain that comes with creating and delivering e-commerce content. Here’s a look at what some of the innovators in this space are up to.

Image courtesy of Hayneedle Photo Studio

Cynthia Maller has a problem. Several, actually. The director of creative innovation at Hayneedle, a division of Walmart, recently sat down with me to talk about how the company creates the original digital photography content for their customers.

“Hayneedle owns and operates its own photo studio, and we touch every facet of imaging, from conception to post-production — which is an advantage on many levels,” Cynthia began. “But, the lengthy…

Lessons learned on the way to creating the next global advertising format

[Adapted from my recent talk at Augmented World Expo 2019.]

Summer, 2017: the ink wasn’t dry on Apple’s ARKit announcement, and people were already thinking about how to use AR to advertise at mass scale. …

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