Face the Future

Over the past several decades, every time people made computers work more like we do — every time we removed a layer of abstraction between us and them — computers became more broadly accessible, useful, and valuable to us.

— Clay Bavor, VP of Virtual and Augmented Reality, Google

With the advent of immersive technology we are approaching the next step change in human-computer interaction. As HCI goes 3D, some truly staggering things are going to happen. Doubtless this transformation to an immersive computing landscape is going to make digital technology, in Clay Bavor’s words, “more broadly accessible, useful, and valuable to us.”

Software is Eating the World

— Marc Andreesen

Even if with all this great stuff going on, you’re still skeptical, well I’m here to say it’s time to suspend that disbelief.

The digital world will soon be enmeshed enough with the physical world that our ‘reality’ will be the transparency mode that we choose.

— Monika Bielsktye, Creative Strategist/Future Prototyper



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Tony Parisi

Tony Parisi


Metaverse OG. Entrepreneur. Investor. Co-Creator, VRML & glTF. Head of XR Ads/E-Commerce, Unity Technologies. Pre-apocalyptic author. Music. @auradeluxe