• Charles Beckwith

    Charles Beckwith

    A futurist and humanist examining the intersection between fashion, media, and technology with an eye toward ethics and sustainability.

  • Dulce Dotcom

    Dulce Dotcom

  • Rudra K. Gesota

    Rudra K. Gesota

  • Mark Wallace

    Mark Wallace

    Mostly a writer. Contents: “architecture, nature, alcohol, space travel, rock ’n’ roll” and boyreporter.com for past work

  • Lydia White

    Lydia White

  • Salihan Zaol-kefli

    Salihan Zaol-kefli

    Software Engineer, Amateur Writer, Casual Gamer

  • Patrick Aluise

    Patrick Aluise

  • Matt Kantor

    Matt Kantor

    Developing Superpowers for Engineers @ https://www.matthewkantor.com. Head of Eng. GuestLogix, Co-founder, DadsTO. Chef. Dad. Musician.

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