The New Pioneers

Traveling While Black, by Roger Ross Williams, Ayesha Nadarajah and Felix and Paul

New Year, New Tech

New Frontier 2019 featured an early look at great new hardware and big steps forward in production tech, powering some of the most intense experiences imaginable.

Dramatis personae from A Jester’s Tale

Studies in Space, Time and Scale

If Sundance 2017 was about professionalizing the craft of XR storytelling, and 2018 about commercializing it, 2019 marked a trend back toward experimentation. Several of the pieces explored new form factors and narrative formats. The ways in which creators toyed with physical scale and time made a particular impression on me. With XR you can be giant-sized or microscopically small, travel to other eras, or move fluidly back and forth through time. Many of the great pieces at Sundance played with these concepts. In no particular order:

THE DIAL: AR and projection mapping combine to tell a story of family intrigue

Art, Above All

I think we are still defining what XR is at at its core. Some would say that it’s storytelling; others, world-building; still others, experience design. Many of the pieces at New Frontier combine these ideas, but rather than try to be any one specific thing, they just are. Just art.

The spooky, beautiful world of Gloomy Eyes
In Grisaille, art, artist and viewer are one



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Tony Parisi

Tony Parisi

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